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Now on Telegram

Dear Chapelonians & Friends,

In these times where it is not possible to meet as a physical church we don’t stop being the church. 

We still want to get to know Jesus better. 
We still want to love one another.
We still want to serve our neighbours.

We would love to introduce you to our new Telegram-Channel, which helps us stay connected and informed in these times of isolation. 

Through this channel we’d like to
… encourage you with daily devotions,
… inform you about churchlife,
… create a network of fellowship. 

Why Telegram?
…is easily accessible on your phone, tablet or computer (as APP and as website)
…is safe (in contrary to WhatsApp)
…is no social network (in contrary to Facebook or Instagram, where you’d have to create an account for)

*Why not use our homepage or instagram?
We will still make use of the other channels! They offer a great plattform to encourage and inform people outside of church. Telegram is a way for our church members and friends to have deeper fellowship and spiritual food for thought. 

-SUBSCRIBE: Download Telegram, subscribe to the channel and you’ll get all the information directly 
-WATCH ONLINE: You can also access the channel online, if you prefer so. Just click on the link down below from time to time to stay tuned
-POST: If you would like to share something encouraging – please send a message to one of the admins (Information will come soon)

We love you and would love to be your family in times like this, Livestones!