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How it all started...

Chris and Nada Waldrop moved with their son Simeon (at that time 1 year old) from Split/ Croatia to Münster in March 2010. One month later in April they started with a Saturday prayer meeting for the family. It didn't take long for more people from all around Münster to join them at the weekly prayer meetings for the city of Münster and a church plant.

By July, enough people were coming to the regular prayer meetings that Chris thought it would be a good time to start a regular Wednesday night Bible study. So in late July 2010, Chris and Nada started a weekly home group. The routine consisted of worship, prayer and teaching, verse by verse through the Epistle to the Romans.

By September, their living room was full. They remember: \'\'Sometimes we didn't have enough chairs or space in the living room to get everyone in.' That was a clear sign for Chris to pray for a service on Sunday. After much prayer, the Lord "opened a door" and gave favor with the local YMCA. They were able to use the building from then on and had their first Sunday service on November 13, 2010. Thus, within 6 months, the Lord had provided for the beginning of a new congregation, which would now be called "Calvary Chapel Münster".

The congregation Calvary Chapel Münster met regularly for two years in the YMCA building in Gremmendorf until September 2012. The congregation experienced much growth externally and internally during this time. Most importantly, it grew in its love for one another and for the people of Münster. Chris also gained a clear vision for the congregation and its purpose in the city of Münster. To solidify this vision, the name of the church was changed or shortened to "Livestone Chapel" in May 2012.

*Livestone Chapel continues to be affiliated with the worldwide Calvary Chapel family and is still structured that way.